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Academic Exchange & Cooperation

In light of the macro conception of "having a foothold on I-Lan, and then taking a broad view at the whole world" and " letting the academia globalized while allowing the services localized", the college of EECS actively undertakes a number of solid collaborations with several prestigious international institutes since its establishment. So far, the College of EECS has signed for college or university-level cooperation agreements with several universities, such as Beijing Jiaotong University and Shenzhen University in mainland China, Tokyo University of technology and Akita Prefecture State University in Japan, Telecom Bretagne in France, University of Central Florida, New Jersey Institute of Technology, North Illinois University in United State, Songkhla Prince University in Thailand, and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Currently, there are cooperation programs and activities undertaken on a regular basis, including sending exchange students to Beijing Jiaotong University, Prince of Songkhla University and Telecom Bretagne. Students can enter relevant laboratories to learn in person based on their observations.