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Research & Development

The research orientation of the College of EECS is focused on six aspects, including "Media Communications", "System-on-Chip", "Smart Space", "Cloud Computing", "Automatic Control", "Power Electronics". In addition to procuring research funding and external resources, the College of EECS actively recruits outstanding instructors and raises the level of laboratory instruments and equipment via multi-phased investments. Combined with the university’s rewarding policy that attracts outstanding scholars, the college of EECS effectively strives for excellent Master 's and Bachelor's students to enter the university. This allows the students to link up with professors’ research kinetics to exert the best academic resonance effect. From the cognitive viewpoint, the college of EECS uses the idea of "standing on the tradition and daring to innovate" to praise itself, and upholds this pragmatic approach towards research. With one step at a time, lighting up the features of "Efficient Electrics, Intelligent Electronics, Cloud Information" is firmly optimistic.